Question of the Month: Ride-Sharing Apps

What impact are mobile apps such as Uber and Lyft having, or potentially could have, on the seniors housing industry?

Personalized service is crucial for success

By Donny Schwartz

Vice President
Healthcare Division

Reliance Global Holdings

Transportation limitations can have a negative effect on the independence of seniors.

Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing platforms should form an alliance with seniors housing operators to alleviate the burden of family caregivers who are solely providing transportation themselves.

The idea would be for Uber and Lyft to provide a tailor-made service for seniors. The drivers would be trained to accommodate wheelchairs and other essentials. Upon discharge from a long-term care facility, drivers would ensure the residents’ safety by walking with them to the doors of their home.


Use in seniors housing
is limited

By Rita Stevens

Vice President Operations

Vantage Point Retirement Living

In time, tech-savvy seniors may utilize these services to stay independent within their own homes. Therefore, it may delay their choosing to enter a senior community.

Some in the industry may use ride sharing to either supplement or completely replace their personal transportation services within their communities.  

Considering safety and security issues with the frailty of residents should remain paramount. I don’t believe, unless there is a subdivision within Uber or Lyft for specialty training, they will have a permanent effect on the senior living industry.


Self-driving cars are the future of transportation

By Mike Milhaupt

Vice President of Senior Development

The Wolff Company

Self-driving cars will have a huge impact on the seniors housing market and life in general. As we start to open our first few properties next month, it will be interesting to see the impact over the coming years. 

We are budgeting a full-time driver eight hours a day, seven days a week in most of our Revel-branded independent living communities. That said, we really believe that some of that budget will be spent on individual transportation in some manner.


Mobile tech changing how we treat seniors

By Patrick Hart

Vice President, Senior Living Solutions


Lyft and Uber have changed the way people think about getting a ride. Innovative apps are now having an impact on the seniors housing industry as well. 

Many still view seniors housing as a nursing home or a place to die. Apps provide an easier way to deliver and document services for seniors, which allows caregivers more face time with their residents. This, in turn, will lead to quality improvements in resident care.

Advancing mobile technology will allow for help with ADLs, ordering food, communicating with family/friends, documenting vitals, setting doctor appointments and sharing personal information. 


Transportation is a constant headache

By Dan Baker

Vice President, Senior Housing

Avison Young

The impact these apps are having is small today, but growing rapidly. They will be ubiquitous in seniors housing communities in just a few years. 

Transportation of residents, whether for recreation or medical purposes, has to be staffed, planned, insured, expensed and maintained. It is a constant headache for operators. 

Utilizing a cost-effective, safe and reliable transportation provider without having to incur the burden of owning the vehicle or employing the driver could be very enticing to operators and the families of residents, especially in more rural markets.

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