Shift Your Thinking on Recruitment, Retention of Seniors Housing Employees

By Bradley Harris, CEO and founder, Bradley Harris & Associates

The seniors housing industry has always faced challenges in both recruiting and retaining top talent, particularly among front-line staff such as caregivers, nurses, mid-management and similar roles. But now the labor market is tightening and — as the number of seniors requiring care continues to skyrocket —recruitment and retention has become a top concern in the industry.

Revenue Management Will Help Seniors Housing Become ‘Smarter Industry,' Says Holiday’s Hsiao

By Matt Valley

Seniors housing operators need to take a page from the playbook of the airline and hotel industries and implement revenue management systems to adjust rates weekly based on supply and demand, says Kai Hsiao, president and CEO of Holiday Retirement. The Lake Oswego, Ore.-based company is the largest operator of independent living properties in the country with over 300 properties and more than 35,000 apartment units in 43 states.

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