Webinar: Recruiting, Retaining Caregivers During COVID-19

On April 14, a panel of top owners and operators in the seniors housing industry discussed how to incentivize and motivate caregivers as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. A recording is available here.

The webinar addressed ways in which the industry can overcome the frontline staff shortage, a problem that’s been exacerbated by coronavirus:

  • Data from a Kare survey* about caregiver/frontline staff shortages during COVID-19 as well as panelist anecdotes about what’s going on with staffing in their communities and how the survey data matches up with their experience.
  • An open discussion about coronavirus cases panelists have had in their communities and how their staff responded. Lessons they’ve learned in treating residents with COVID-19 and what the industry needs to understand.
  • With stimulus checks just starting to hit peoples’ bank accounts at the same time their tax refunds are hitting, the panelists relate their experience about staff no-shows and the prospect of caregivers staying at home.
  • Hiring opportunity available from disruptions in the broader labor market

*Owners and operators can participate in the aforementioned Kare survey, which advocates for policy changes on the state level to help with staffing shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to participate in the two-minute survey.

Webinar sponsor: Kare, a platform that empowers post acute caregivers to earn extra income and manage their own flexible schedules, while senior care communities decrease their operating costs by reducing high overtime wages and eliminating costly staffing agencies.


  • Charles Turner, CEO, Kare, Moderator
  • Greg Roderick, President & CEO, Frontier Management
  • Keven Bennema President & CEO, Charter Senior Living
  • Lori Alford, COO, Avanti Senior Living
  • Dan Williams, Principal & COO, Seasons Living

Click here to access the webinar audio recording for just $79. Hear what experts in the seniors housing industry have to say about finding, training and retaining caregivers.

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