ALFA Changes Name to Argentum to Reflect Changes in Seniors Housing Industry

by Jeff Shaw

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), a seniors housing advocacy group, has introduced its new name — Argentum — and logo.

“Since ALFA’s formation 25 years ago, the senior living industry has undergone many changes, and is primed for many more as baby boomers begin to use our services,” said James Balda, the company’s president and CEO. “Our brand transformation better represents where the industry is today as well as our vision for the future.”

Argentum is derived from the Latin word for silver, was chosen because it conveys strength while referencing the “silver generation” (those aged 65 and older).

The new brand intends to:

  • Represent the diversity of the seniors housing industry.
  • Remain industry facing, but also consumer friendly.
  • Celebrate the passion and commitment of senior living professionals.

Argentum’s new tagline is “Expanding senior living,” which itnends to speak to a variety of audiences while enforcing the organization’s mission to increase the visibility and acceptance of senior living as an lifestyle option.

Although the organization’s brand, logo and tagline have changed, Argentum’s mission remains the same: members exemplify the principles of choice, dignity and independence for seniors. To support these principles and to enhance quality of life for older adults, Argentum influences public policy, promotes business excellence and ensures an informed public.

ALFA will officially transition to the Argentum brand on Dec. 1 at its Chief Executive Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz.

“It has never been a more exciting time to be working in the senior living industry,” said Brenda Bacon, chair of Argentum’s board. “Argentum represents everything we are as an organization, as well as everything we want to be.”

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