COVID Reveals Opportunities for New Industries to Serve Older Adults

The pandemic has turned some technologies from optional amenities into operational necessities. By Jonathan Gould, K4Connect COVID has brought countless industries to a halt and caused companies to rethink how they continue to meet the needs of their customers while

Lessons Learned for Moving Residents In and Out

Nine months of shifting COVID-19 protocols have revealed many new best practices. By Bob Burg, Moves for Seniors (NOTE: This article is intended to summarize many of the lessons learned during Phase I of COVID-19, and that are driving the

A Guide to Overcoming the Pandemic

The secret to beating COVID-19 may have less to do with PPE and testing, and more to do with processes, design and mission. By Donna Moore In late January, the first case of novel coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S.

How Do We Protect Seniors from Airborne Particles?

Technology such as needlepoint bipolar ionization can help keep residents safe. By Julie Fields Seniors housing occupancy rates have hit an all-time low.  The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) announced that the average occupancy rate for

Question of the Month: Advice for Seeking Financing

What advice do you give to borrowers who are seeking to either acquire, refinance or develop seniors housing? Reset your expectations By Alex Florea Senior Director Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors My advice would be to take a step back,

Wellness is Crucial for Operational Success

Three emerging trends could benefit residents and businesses alike. By John Williams, Avanath Capital Management An undeniable concern for seniors housing stakeholders is keeping residents at their properties healthy and well. While the seniors housing industry was addressing health and

How to Keep Residents ‘In Tune’ During Quarantine

Music programming can relieve isolation while still enforcing safety measures. By Amy Jeffs, Status Solutions Before the pandemic, senior living residents were already dealing with the burdens of social isolation and loneliness. One study even found that over half of

Incorporating the Pandemic Experience into Design

From processes to spaces, senior living design and construction are in for a change. By Drew Roskos Now in month six of our country’s full-scale reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all embracing today’s heightened awareness of public health

Identify Best Services for Your Affordable Community

Programming can make all the difference in keeping happy, healthy residents. By Flynann Janisse One crisis at a time is no longer an option for the multifamily industry. As seen in many other sectors, the global pandemic highlighted already broken

COVID-19 Impacts Property Valuations

Seniors housing pricing takes a hit amid pandemic. By James Tellatin The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly impacted seniors housing valuations.  The market for seniors housing assets is only beginning to thaw from the pandemic’s spring and summer freeze. In the

Broker Q&A: Not All is Lost

Investment sales professionals express optimism for the future of seniors housing despite the pain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Roundtable participants Brooks Minford, Associate Director, Berkadia Daniel Geraghty, Senior Vice President, Senior Living Investment Brokerage  Jordyn Berger, Senior Director, Walker & Dunlop Bruce Gibson, Principal, Senior Capital Advisors

Question of the Month: Marketing for Post-Pandemic Move-Ins

What kinds of marketing and outreach are you doing to attract new residents and increase move-ins? Find creative solutions By Joseph Jasmon CEO American Healthcare Management Group We adjusted our business relationship visits and offered a helping hand to those

Learning from Past Crises and Moving Forward

Lessons learned from the Global Financial Crisis can offer a blueprint for this new recovery. By Bryon Cohron, ProMatura, and Cheri Clarke Doyle, Trammell Crow Co. The social and economic impact of COVID-19 has shocked all economic sectors in a

How We Can Protect Our Most Vulnerable from COVID-19

By Shane Reeves, CEO, TwelveStone Health Partners As of mid-July, data showed that 45 percent of all deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. had occurred in long-term care (LTC) and assisted living facilities. This means that many of our most

Why Would We Go Back to Pre-COVID Procedures?

It’s time to embrace the positive changes we’ve made in operations during this crisis. By Liz Jensen, Clinical Director, Direct Supply “If we had the right regulations in place before all of this happened, why did long-term care need waivers to take

Seniors Housing’s New Critical Design Component: Outdoor Spaces

Landscape architecture is now a key part of space-planning, not just pandemic reaction. By Linda Gates, Co-Founder and Casey Case, President, Gates+Associates Long-term care residents and staff accounted for outsized shares of COVID-19 infections and deaths, according to USA Today.

Protecting Long-Term Facilities in a Mass Tort Era

Legal protections are complicated in the world of COVID-19. By Matt Keenan and Jenn Hatcher, Shook, Hardy & Bacon The owners and operators of long-term care facilities know better than almost everyone does how the destructive evil known as COVID-19

LGBTQ-Friendly Housing Brings Inclusion, Community

Developers should help increase safe, welcoming options for seniors. By Charlie Adams and Aileen Montour  For members of the LGBTQ community, access to safe, affordable and inclusive housing is a necessity. Research has shown that LGBTQ-identifying individuals report lower incomes,

Question of the Month: The Truth About Seniors Housing

What is the biggest misconception about seniors housing and what can our industry do about it? Confusion about types of care By James Balda President and CEO Argentum Among the general public, there has always been confusion on how long-term care

Executive Insights: Episode One: Brenda Bacon, Brandywine Living

  Industry leader Brenda Bacon, CEO of Brandywine Living and former Argentum Board Chair, offers expert insight into the industry-wide response to the COVID-19 health crisis and how senior living can apply those lessons going forward. Listen to Episode One of

Build Your Brand from the Inside Out

A four-phase strategy to build an internal brand promise while creating opportunities to bolster staff dedication. By Mike Ulm, Pathway to Living When I started out in this industry years ago, my perception of seniors housing was steeped in some

Pandemic is Bringing Out the Best in Operators

How those working in seniors housing are rising to the occasion during COVID-19 By Joe Fairley, Laser Facility Management, and John Getha, NSRE Today’s facility professionals in seniors housing literally find themselves in the middle of a pandemic with their

Business Realities in the Age of COVID-19

Pandemic creates numerous legal issues for seniors housing operators. (Editor’s note: This column was written by law specialists at Hanson Bridgett. Because of the wide variety of challenges, the law firm asked each subject matter expert to write about his