Personalizing Wellness: Using Data to Promote Resident Health

Seniors housing technology has long been focused on health and safety — keeping residents safe from falls, managing medicines and addressing health changes that require a doctor’s oversight. But the future of seniors housing may lie more in the direction

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Increasing Technology Needs

A smarter tech strategy requires a future-flexible network. By Deanna MacCormac, Corning Optical Communications Telehealth, resident tablet programs, touchless building automation, reliable high-speed Internet, campus-wide communications, remote-monitoring, wearables, sanitation robots — all of these technologies are becoming an important part

InterFace Panel: Development Pushes Forward Despite Many COVID Delays

Seniors housing construction has continued during the COVID-19 pandemic — but perhaps not on the developers’ original timelines. “We have seen just about every obstacle thrown at us, from government shutdowns to disruptions in the supply chain to subcontractors contracting

Occupancy Hits New Record Low in Fourth Quarter, Says NIC

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Private-pay seniors housing occupancy in the United States decreased 130 basis points in the fourth quarter of 2020 from 82.0 percent to 80.7 percent, a record low. Since the first quarter of 2020, occupancy fell by 680