Architects Build On Total Wellness

From the use of special lighting in the common areas to spa-like amenities to community gardens, designers are all in on creating a better physical environment for residents. By Lynn Peisner Wellness is no longer a buzzword used to promote

How to Reposition a Property for Success

Three examples of communities that changed course for the better. By Jane Adler As consumer expectations change, older properties can be repositioned to compete. Local market dynamics often dictate the best approach, whether it’s adding new amenities or starting over

‘Restructuring, Dispositions, Turmoil’ for Appraisers

Appraisers are forced to react to a seniors housing industry in a constant state of transformation. By Jeff Shaw Seniors housing has undergone some rapid adjustments in recent years, such as the sea change in skilled nursing and the rush

Occupancy Hits a New Low

Strong absorption isn’t enough to outrun the feverish pace of new seniors housing development, particularly in assisted living.

Industry Reinvents Luxury Housing

From butlers to spas to fine dining, operators put emphasis on service, but shouldn’t assume all customers want the same amenities.

More Service, Please

With consumers wanting more ancillary services brought to their door, senior living providers are trying to figure out the best and most profitable way to make that happen.

Aging with Style

Interior designers are creating environments that support a resident’s whole family and community.

Diversity, Affordability Go Hand in Hand

By Jess Stonefield As someone involved in seniors housing investment, the issue of affordability is quite important to me. I’m aware, daily, that the communities in which we invest are aimed at private-pay Americans — those who can afford to