Dominion Unveils New Memory Care Program

by Jeff Shaw

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Dominion Senior Living, a faith-based operator based in Knoxville, has unveiled Tapestry by Dominion Senior Living, the company’s new memory care program.

Dominion is currently training its team members and rolling out the program in its communities in Johnson City and Sevierville.

“Like its name suggests, Tapestry weaves a resident’s life history, skills, interests and routine into a personalized program that is centered on what the residents have done in their lives and what they are still capable of doing,” says Josh Crisp, the company’s vice president. “This is far different from many of the activity-based programs that revolve around what the residents cannot do.”

The program consists of various components and focuses on several categories including: hiring, enhanced dining, music therapy, assessment testing, resident history, mission-focused programming and wellness initiatives.

Each resident will undergo various assessments to help build a service plan that is customized to the resident. The staff evaluates the residents every day during interactions, and will do a more formal reassessment when there is a change in the resident’s condition. Customized areas will include physical, cognitive, spiritual and social abilities based on a resident’s preferences.

Examples of the new memory care program include having the resident selecting which type of juice he has with breakfast from a tray of options. Rather than being frustrated since he or she cannot vocalize preferences, the resident can take cues from the color or smell of the juice, and can make his or her own selection.

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