NHI Buys 12 Skilled Nursing Facilities in Texas for $174.5M

by Jeff Shaw

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — National Health Investors Inc. (NYSE: NHI), a publicly traded seniors housing and healthcare REIT based in Murfreesboro, has purchased 12 skilled nursing facilities in Texas from operator Legend Healthcare for a total of $174.5 million.

The sales were structured as two separate transactions. In the first, NHI bought eight of Legend’s existing Texas facilities totaling 931 beds for $118.5 million.

In the second transaction, NHI purchased four more facilities from Legend that are in various stages of development for $56 million. The first of those facilities is expected to open in 2017.

Legend is seeking to step away as operator of all the facilities, so NHI will lease all 12 newly purchased facilities, as well as seven others previously operated by Legend, to affiliates of The Ensign Group (NASDAQ: ENSG). The 15-year lease for the 15 currently operating facilities will have an initial annual amount of $17.8 million plus an annual, inflation-based escalator. The lease has two five-year renewal options.

Upon entering the new lease on May 1, Ensign will also purchase two skilled nursing facilities in Texas from NHI. Ensign will pay $24.6 million for the 245-bed portfolio.

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