West Health’s Bill Earley Appointed to California Commission on Aging

SAN DIEGO — Bill Earley, the chief administrative officer and general counsel at West Health, has been appointed to the California Commission on Aging by the state’s Senate Rules Committee.

Earley has been with West Health for a year. He leads the nonprofit organization’s “We Stand With Seniors … Will You?” nonpartisan public awareness and education campaign, which focuses on the challenges older adults and their families face in accessing high-quality, affordable healthcare, dental care and supportive services. The campaign, co-funded by West Health and The SCAN Foundation, is calling on policymakers, including candidates for governor, to develop a master plan for California to address these issues.

“The commission plays a vital role in advocating for seniors and ensuring the issues they face are addressed with effective and efficient solutions,” says Earley. “I am very grateful to California Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins, and the Senate Rules Committee for their confidence in me. It is an honor to be working alongside the dedicated commissioners, staff members and other stakeholders who share a deep commitment to successful aging and preserving and protecting the dignity, quality of life and independence of our state’s senior population.”

The California Commission on Aging was established in 1973 and is comprised of 25 commissioners representing diverse fields related to aging — 19 appointed by the governor, three appointed by the speaker of the Assembly, and three by the Senate Rules Committee. All commissioners serve three-year terms as volunteers. 

The organization is responsible for advising the state’s governor and legislature, along with federal, state and local agencies, on issues, policies and regulations that affect California’s seniors. It works closely with public, nonprofit and private-sector institutions to address emerging challenges and opportunities fundamental to ensuring healthy, purposeful and dignified longevity for all Californians.

West Health includes the nonprofit and nonpartisan Gary and Mary West Health Institute and Gary and Mary West Foundation in San Diego, and the Gary and Mary West Health Policy Center in Washington, D.C. These organizations work to enable seniors to successfully age in place with access to high-quality, affordable health and support services.