Ziegler CEO Tom Paprocki Announces Retirement Plans, Dan Hermann to Replace

by Jeff Shaw

CHICAGO — Tom Paprocki, CEO of Chicago-based investment bank Ziegler, has announced he will retire effective March 31, 2018. Dan Hermann, currently head of Ziegler’s investment banking division, will be add the roles of president and CEO upon Paprocki’s retirement.

Under Paprocki’s leadership, the firm has developed a senior management team, navigated a financial crash, and crafted a roadmap for Ziegler’s future. The company credits 2017 as its strongest year to date. The retirement coincides with Ziegler’s planned sale of its wealth management division.

Hermann’s tenure at Ziegler has spanned over 30 years, including seven as head of the investment banking division. Concurrent with the changes, Kevin Strom and Angelique David will be promoted to executive managing directors.

Strom will serve as the head of Ziegler Capital Markets. Strom has been with Ziegler for 10 years, and as a director since 2015.

David will serve as the firm’s chief operating officer and general counsel, overseeing all of the day-to-day functions of the business. David joined Ziegler 10 years ago and is a leader in the securities industry and the Chicago business community.

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