Acts Retirement-Life Communities Announces New Appointments to Leadership Team

by Jeff Shaw

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. — Acts Retirement-Life Communities, a nonprofit owner-operator based in Fort Washington, has made a host of updates to its corporate staff roles.

Within the C-Suite, Jim Petty was promoted to chief strategy officer and Sean Fletcher was promoted to senior vice president of real estate services.

Additionally, the following individuals were also promoted within the organization:

  • Michael Smith to managing director, corporate communications
  • Joe Paskus to managing director and controller
  • Kim Power to managing director, IT operations
  • Erica Richardson to managing director, human resources
  • David West to managing director, marketing services and analysis
  • Pam Devito to managing director, well-being services
  • Bridget Berhnardt to corporate director, learning and development
  • Scott Demasi to corporate director, internal audit
  • Brian Donathan to corporate director, multimedia services
  • Laurie Moyer to corporate director, recruitment and team member relations
  • Ryan Beardsley to corporate director, marketing
  • Kim Burke to corporate director, sales
  • Angela Holman to corporate director, resident health services
  • Matt Petkovic to corporate director, senior executive chef

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