Seniors Housing Contrarians Webinar panel

Webinar: Meet Seniors Housing’s Contrarians — A Handful of Investors Go Big in a Challenging Environment

by Sarah Daniels

The June 27 webinar “Meet Seniors Housing’s Contrarians — A Handful of Investors Go Big in a Challenging Environment” covered the difficulties and opportunities in seniors housing, including the impact of rising interest rates, the rise of regional operators and best practices for meeting regulatory requirements. The panel of industry experts also shared insights on managing troubled assets and adapting to post-pandemic challenges in the healthcare real estate industry.

Despite concerns about affordability and rising insurance costs, there were signs of growth and opportunity in the sector. Speakers emphasized the importance of strategic approaches to attract buyers and adapt to changing market conditions.

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Major topics covered and timestamps:

  • (5:57) Core business factors today versus 24 months ago
  • (25:33) Who is the typical seller, buyer or borrower in this market?
  • (34:12) Deal size and volume trends
  • (37:34) Investor attitudes:
    • What kind of questions are panelists getting from investors? 
    • What are today’s investors seeking that they were not seeking in prior raises?
    • How have the structures and terms of panelists’ most recent capital raises changed from the past?
  • (44:31) Will banks be able to lend more soon? What is the outlook like for properties where banks have pulled back lending in the past two years?
  • (49:44) Operations recovery
    • Value sought in an operating partner today
    • Occupancy, revenue and net operating income (NOI) discussions
    • Portfolio strategies
    • Wages and costs


  • JP LoMonaco, CBRE (moderator)
  • Jessica Johnson, BOK Financial
  • Curt Schaller, Focus Healthcare Partners
  • Danny Prosky, American Healthcare REIT
  • Dan Baker, JLL Capital Markets
  • Chris Kronenberger, BlueMoon Capital Partners

Webinar sponsor: This webinar is sponsored by CBRE, a fully integrated platform of dedicated seniors housing investment sales, debt and structured finance, investment banking, and valuation services.

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