NIC Chief Economist Beth Mace Moves to Consultant Role

by Jeff Shaw

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC), an Annapolis-based nonprofit providing data to the seniors housing industry, has announced its chief economist Beth Mace will transition to a consultant and special advisor role.

Mace will focus exclusively on monitoring and reporting changes in the economy and the capital markets impacting seniors housing investments and operations.

Mace will analyze and report on conditions in the capital markets, providing transparency and insights to help seniors housing owners, operators and investors make crucial decisions during a particularly challenging time. Mace’s focus will include data review and analysis, presentations and thought leadership.

Mace has made numerous contributions to NIC during her nine-year tenure on the leadership team, including leading hundreds of webinars, conference and board presentations, and research projects. Highlights include her 2019 co-authorship of “The Forgotten Middle: Many Middle-Income Seniors Will Have Insufficient Resources For Housing and Health Care,” published by Health Affairs.

Mace joins NIC co-founder Bob Kramer as one of two senior advisors serving the organization. NIC is conducting a national search for a new head of research and analytics to fulfill her responsibilities as director of NIC’s research and analytics team and serve as the lead spokesperson to media on NIC analyses.

Prior to joining the NIC staff in 2014, Mace served as a member of the NIC Board of Directors and chaired its research committee. She was also a director at AEW Capital Management and worked in the AEW Research Group for 17 years. Prior to joining AEW, Mace spent 10 years at Standard & Poor’s DRI/McGraw-Hill as director of its Regional Information Service. She also worked as a regional economist at Crocker Bank, and for the National Commission on Air Quality, the Brookings Institution and Boston Edison.

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