Question of the Month: New Opportunities

by Jeff Shaw

With so much disruption, where are the best opportunities for savvy seniors housing owners and operators?

Keep your head down

By Michael Hartman

Principal, Active Living

Capitol Seniors Housing

The challenges facing development in seniors housing are largely the result of two factors that sit outside the normal supply/demand fundamentals that dictate the health of the sector: capital markets dislocation and construction cost inflation. 

While rents are higher across the board, they haven’t risen enough to compensate for the increase in construction costs. Eventually, the symptoms that caused the broader economic malaise will ease, at which time investors and lenders will likely become unfrozen. 

It’s time to keep your head down, improve your product and service offering, and wait for the clouds to clear.


Focus on sales

By Lou Maranto

Senior Vice President
of Sales

Discovery Senior Living

In my experience, when there is uncertainty in the world, the easiest path for a senior is to take no action. This increases the time and energy in the sales process to motivate seniors to make a move.

I believe our best opportunity right now, and moving forward in sales, is to invest in lead conversion resources, both people and technology. There is a wide range of AI products hitting the market and we are exploring many of them to supplement our sales workforce.


Put your boots on the ground

By Chris Sides

President, CEO

Senior Solutions Management Group

The best opportunities lie in finding and growing your people through relationships. There is no other way you can build the necessary infrastructure to support and operate a community. 

It starts at the top; if you’re not on the road 80 to 100 nights a year or more, you are going to lose. 

Somewhere along the way we forget old-fashioned commitment. It means something to an employee when you make a 1,000-mile trip to visit. Here’s what no one does: don’t talk about work. Talk about them, their families and what makes them thrive. 

If you can’t build loyalty you can’t build the business.


Adapt to changes

By Susan Farr

VP of Business Development, Marketing

Ebenezer Management Services

Owners and operators can find the best opportunities by being adaptable. Know what your organization does well, identify areas for improvement and monitor the bottom line.

 Seniors housing is not just a real estate transaction; the operator’s performance is paramount. Exceed the high expectations of your clients who are seeking quality care. Be creative and listen closely to their needs.

Invest in staff retention and training, and strive to be an employer of choice. Evaluate digital marketing strategy, which is essential for attracting residents and building brand equity.

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