Webinar: How to Tackle the Top Workforce Challenges Facing Senior Living Communities


The focus of Seniors Housing Business’ latest webinar, sponsored by Paychex, was “How to Tackle the Top Workforce Issues Facing Senior Living Communities.” What are the top human resource challenges senior living communities face? What solutions, recommendations and tools can help communities thrive when it comes to finding and employing staff?

Expert panelists discussed approaches to attracting skilled workers and keeping existing staff happy, healthy, well trained and engaged. This brief, one-hour webinar is full of options and suggestions for best practices, as well as tips and tricks for those in the seniors housing industry interested in scalable HR solutions.

Timestamps of topics covered:

  • (6:35) Trends influencing the senior living sector
  • (8:40) Navigating the ongoing talent shortage
  • (13:36) Streamlining hiring processes
  • (16:50) Offering competitive compensation (plus, the potential benefits of compensation analysis and surveys)
  • (20:39) Developing talent from within an organization
  • (23:00) Sustaining employee motivation and engagement, plus providing cost-effective and competitive benefits
  • (29:59) Staying compliant with evolving employment laws and regulations across multiple states/jurisdictions
  • (32:17) Maintaining an ethical culture and brand identity
  • (36:16) Creating a scalable HR solution

Click here to watch the webinar and learn more about the intersection of seniors HR solutions and positive staff outcomes.

Click here for Paychex's white paper "10 HR Challenges Facing Senior Living Communities (and How to Tackle Them)."

To request a copy of the webinar presentation deck, please contact [email protected].


  • Tisa Thompson, human resources, business partner, Paychex
  • Kate Risa, strategic accounts consultant, senior living, Paychex

The webinar is sponsored by Paychex, a leading provider of integrated human capital management solutions for benefits, payroll, human resources and insurance services.

Listen to hear  how senior living communities can attract, retain, train and encourage employees while streamlining hiring and onboarding processes. Employee benefits, too, can be simplified and molded to make communities more attractive for staff needs.

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