Webinar: Inflation and Rising Interest Rates – Doom or Boom for the Seniors Housing Industry?

by Sarah Daniels


Seniors housing valuations — what can the industry expect in terms of future occupancy, inflation and interest rates? These were the most pressing topics of the “Inflation and Rising Interest Rates — Doom or Boom for the Seniors Housing Industry?” webinar, hosted by Seniors Housing Business and sponsored by V&IG.

Hear how expert panelists are accounting for some of the most challenging questions in today’s market: What is driving investment in this space? How have return expectations changed since the beginning of the pandemic? How are increasing interest rates and/or inflation impacting transactions?

During the webinar seniors housing industry experts weighed in on these important topics and more:

  • Types of debt available
  • Impact of interest rates on valuations
  • New sources/exiting sources of equity, plus equity influence on valuations
  • Transaction activity — expectations for this year
  • Cash flow and capitalization rates
  • Long-term shifts in cap rates
  • How operators, investors and borrowers have changed their operating models

If you’re interested in learning more about how seniors housing investors can alleviate the impact from this unusual economic environment (and even potential strategies to take advantage of it), watch this webinar. Dive deep into the question of what is next in seniors housing valuations and what to watch for in the market.


  • JP LoMonaco, Valuation & Information Group (moderator)
  • Bill Pettit, R.D. Merrill Company
  • Steve Kennedy, VIUM Capital
  • Michael Feinstein, Focus Healthcare Partners
  • Adam Heavenrich, Heavenrich & Company

Webinar sponsor: Valuation & Information Group: A recognized leader in valuation and financial consulting, servicing clients nationally.

Listen to hear what panelists think about interest rates and the equity availability for seniors housing properties, plus in-depth information on valuation in this space.

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