Webinar: It’s the Dog Days of the Senior Living Investment Market — How to Find the Creativity Needed to Overcome Capital Markets Crunch

by Sarah Daniels


The Sept. 14 webinar It’s the Dog Days of the Senior Living Investment Market — How to Find theCreativity Needed to Overcome Capital Markets Crunch analyzed the outlook throughout today’s seniors housing market. Operations recovery, development, transaction trends, capital availability and pricing were all points of discussion for an hour-long conversation between a six-person panel of industry experts.

Where are there opportunities and how is the seniors housing world adapting to the current environment? Click here to find out more about what experts are seeing in the capital markets landscape.

Major topics covered and timestamps:

  • (6:34) Operations:
    • Uncertainties — grappling with the lack of clarity, plus market outlooks and strategies 
    • NOI margins
    • Differences in seniors housing versus skilled nursing
  • (25:55) Development:
    • What is improving?
    • Health of the equity and debt stack for development projects
    • Factors to watch for
  • (35:02) Transaction activity
    • Who is the typical seller/borrower/buyer in the current market, and what is their motivation?
    • What segments in seniors housing/long-term care space are most active? Which are performing best?
    • Changes in cash flow and valuations
  • (43:36) Capital availability and pricing
    • Equity and debt
    • Relationships between lenders and the largest/most-established owner-operators
    • NNN deals
    • How are sellers/buyers getting creative to close deals?


  • JP LoMonaco, CBRE (moderator)
  • Cheri Doyle, J.G. Petrucci
  • Brian Sunday, AEW
  • James Callister, CareTrust REIT
  • Aron Will, CBRE
  • Sevy Petras, Priority Life Care

Webinar sponsor: This webinar is sponsored by CBRE, a fully integrated platform of dedicated seniors housing investment sales, debt and structured finance, investment banking, and valuation services.

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