Webinar: Market Valuation — How are Seniors Housing Valuations Weathering the Pandemic?


Last week Seniors Housing Business hosted a webinar entitled “Market Valuation — How are Seniors Housing Valuations Weathering the Pandemic?” where five industry experts discussed cap rates, equity activity and debt availability in today’s market. What can seniors housing investors and developers expect to see in the coming months? Hear industry professionals weigh in on what COVID-19 means for valuations.

See a list of some of the topics covered and their timestamps below:

(08:18)  What sources of lending and equity have been most sincerely disrupted?

(13:19) Permanent changes in costs

(14:22) FHA and HUD financing

(17:15) Private equity and how will it be used/when to expect activity

(21:23) Projections for the state of the industry in future: how will seniors housing fare compare to other real estate classes?

(31:29) Valuing assets, loans, investments in an existing portfolio

(37:07) What are you doing differently today than you were 4 or 5 months ago on those development deals?

(47:45) Impact on value: cash flow projections versus changes in cap rate

Click here to listen to the full webinar.


  • JP LoMonaco (moderator), Valuation & Information Group
  • Kevin Pascoe, NHI
  • Chris Kronenberger, Blue Moon Capital Partners
  • Ben Firestone, Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors
  • Rich Lerner, Housing & Healthcare Finance.

Webinar sponsor: Valuation & Information Group was established to provide specialized, expert valuations and services to healthcare facility operators, lenders and  advisors. Healthcare facilities are special-use properties. Retaining a firm that understands the healthcare business is crucial to obtaining the correct valuation. The professionals at Valuation & Information Group are valuation experts who understand the unique aspects of the healthcare business.

Listen to hear what panelists think about the future of valuation in the seniors housing industry.

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