Webinar: Seniors Housing & CRM: Can You Predict the Future?

by Sarah Daniels


The April 19 webinar “Seniors Housing & CRM: Can You Predict the Future?” is all about data — how best to use it to drive strategy and decisions, especially in the near future. Join sponsor WelcomeHome Software and a panel of seniors housing industry experts as they discuss customer relationship management (CRM) technology and analyze the WelcomeHome Year In Review: 2022 report. This hour-long webinar highlights the report’s findings and the best strategies in terms of occupancy, referrals and metrics to track within communities.

Timestamps of major topics covered:

  • (3:24) Report summary
    • Occupancy since the pandemic
    • Innovative approaches to the sales funnel
    • Seasonal sales cycle
    • Origins of inbound leads
  • (9:18) What’s behind the cooldown in the senior living market?
  • (15:12) Occupancy trends, lead volume, tour-to-move in conversion numbers
  • (16:45) Lead sources, with a focus on online sources & aggregators
  • (28:10) Planning and tracking occupancy with CRM technology — what can reporting reveal and how can this data help structure strategy?
  • (41:02) Metrics to track, trends and best practices from top performers in the industry

Click here to learn more about how data analysis can help improve occupancy and streamline processes in the seniors housing industry, plus the importance of data collection, parsing and upkeep. Download the WelcomeHome Year in Review: 2022 report here.


  • Emily Alexander, WelcomeHome Software (moderator)
  • Maggie Seybold, WelcomeHome Software
  • Kelley Skarp, Arbor Company
  • Jodi Guffee, Radiant Senior Living
  • Stephen Eatman, Sunshine Retirement.

Webinar sponsor: This webinar is sponsored by WelcomeHome Software​, which provides leading technology for sales & marketing professionals in the senior living space. For more information, visit https://www.welcomehomesoftware.com.

Listen to hear how industry experts are using CRM technology to put data to the best use through lead conversion, sales activities, planning, tracking and more.

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