Webinar: Seniors Housing — Lead Generation Lessons from Active Adult Communities

by Sarah Daniels

What can traditional seniors housing operators learn from successes in the active adult community segment, especially when it comes to generating interest and inquiries? How can active adult communities improve their own marketings strategies? These were the questions that Seniors Housing Business‘ latest webinar “Seniors Housing — Lead Generation Lessons from Active Adult Communities” sought to answer on Oct. 6. This webinar, sponsored by LeadingResponse, covered the following topics and more when it comes to best practices for marketing in the senior living space:

  • Personas of the target audiences for traditional seniors housing versus active adults
  • Demonstrating the value of communities
  • Generating leads at a lower cost
  • Harnessing housing terminology to boost interest
  • How best to create engagement:
    • Direct mail
    • Hyper targeting
    • Marketing automation
    • Digital avenues (including webinars and social media)

Julie Podewitz, Vitality Living, explains some of the social media strategies her company employs to interest those in active adult and traditional seniors housing via social media. “We see especially Facebook and Instagram as lead generators, much more so in active adult. The way that we’re engaging with residents initially is finding them where they are and engaging them at the grassroots. We are demonstrating, what is [the community] going to feel like? What are we going to do? What are you going to do when you live here? You really have to make that local presence [and engagement] very, very strong.”

“We want the sales team focused on the personal interactions: face to face and voice to voice,” explains Debbie Howard of Senior Living Smart. “Marketing automation can be a great compliment [to your program] to ensure that you’re getting those that number of [touch points] consistently and in the right cadence and with the right brand voice.”

Watch the full webinar on demand and learn all about lead generation tips and tricks in seniors housing. Contact [email protected] for a copy of the slides.


  • Valerie Whitman, LeadingResponse (moderator)
  • Jane Arthur Roslovic, TrePlus Communities
  • Debbie Howard, Senior Living Smart
  • Kelly Blaskowsky, Capstone Real Estate Services
  • Julie Podewitz, Vitality Living

Webinar sponsor: LeadingResponse teams with professionals in the financial, legal, elective medical, senior living, estate planning and home services industries to scale their businesses. They do this by applying 25 years of proprietary data and client acquisition marketing experience in their target areas. 

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