Webinar: Seniors Housing Policy Outlook: Operations, Investment & Development

by Sarah Daniels


Occupancy trends, the impact of the Omicron variant, development, investment, vaccine mandates and labor shortages were just some of the pressing topics panelists discussed during the “Seniors Housing Policy Outlook: What Will Impact Operations, Investment & Development in 2022?” webinar, hosted by Seniors Housing Business. Industry experts weighed in on the policies and priorities shaping the future of senior living communities, as well as their own legislative agendas for 2022.

Regarding investment and development, Dave Schless, president of American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA), explains

Capital markets have remained committed and robust throughout the spectrum of senior living property types. That’s very positive news.

On the transactional side, you’re seeing record numbers of transactions taking place. Again, that’s good news; that shows there’s a desire to continue investing in all of these different types of property.

On the development side, it’s a little more complicated. First of all, there’s no question development has slowed down…. (Listen to more about investment and development in the industry at the 11:55 mark)

Timestamps of topics covered:

  • (4:50) Occupancy numbers
  • (11:55) Investment and development
  • (17:58) Vaccination mandates
  • (23:51) Labor shortages
  • (32:50) Policies and legislative priorities
  • (43:06) Senior living diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

Click to watch the full webinar on demand and learn all about the outlook for seniors housing policy in 2022, plus upcoming challenges and opportunities in seniors housing operations, investment and development.


  • Valerie Whitman, LeadingResponse (moderator)
  • James Balda, Argentum 
  • Dave Schless, ASHA
  • Mark Parkinson, American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (ACHA/NCAL)

Webinar sponsor: LeadingResponse teams with professionals in the financial, legal, elective medical, senior living, estate planning and home services industries to scale their businesses. They do this by applying 25 years of proprietary data and client acquisition marketing experience in their target areas. 

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