Webinar: Seniors Housing Success Stories — Companies that are Rising Above the Headwinds

by Sarah Daniels


The June 29 webinar Seniors Housing Success Stories — Companies that are Rising Above the Headwinds focused on what leading seniors housing firms are doing to alter their businesses, streamline operations, increase occupancy and strategize in terms of deal volume and investment. Industry difficulties, including labor shortages, inflation and interest rates, have highlighted the need for expertise and well-informed approaches to the seniors housing sector recovery.

Click to watch this hour-long discussion that considers both operations and trends in transaction activity. See how strategies and outlooks have shifted since last year, plus learn what factors are likely to shape the industry in the coming months.

  • Operations:
    • Changing resident profiles
    • Portfolio alterations
    • Occupancy and stabilizing operations
    • NOI
    • Communities in development or under construction
  • Transaction activity​
    • Rates and values
    • Deal volume trends
    • Who is the typical seller/borrower today and what is their motivation?
    • Strategies and structures to get transactions/loans done
    • Best performing/most active segments of seniors housing/long‐term care space
    • Changes in cash flow and valuations


  • JP LoMonaco, CBRE (moderator)
  • Brenda Bacon, Brandywine Living
  • Jason Punzel, SLIB
  • Grant Blosser, VIUM Capital
  • Stephanie Harris, Arrow Senior Living

Webinar sponsor: This webinar is sponsored by CBRE, which recently acquired Valuation & Information Group (V&IG), a leading provider of appraisal and market feasibility services for seniors housing and healthcare real estate.

Listen to hear how industry experts are tackling the future of the seniors housing industry. Learn more about the types of transactions likeliest to get done in this quarter of 2023. Seniors housing industry experts in operations and tranactions take on the toughest questions in the world of senior living.

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