Webinar: Seniors Housing Valuation Outlook — Fundamental Marketplace Drivers

by Sarah Daniels


On Sept. 28, Seniors Housing Business and sponsor V&IG hosted the webinar “Seniors Housing Valuation Outlook — Fundamental Marketplace Drivers in Today’s Environment“.

Seniors housing experts spoke candidly about factors like labor shortages and the spread of the Delta variant impacting seniors housing valuations and the industry’s struggle to return to pre-pandemic transaction volumes. As the year has progressed, how has the outlook changed for seniors housing professionals to take into account market trends and the activity of buyers and sellers? How are cap rates and cash flow influencing industry decisions?

Panelists also try to paint a picture: How might short-term disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic be separated and considered distinctly from the long-term likely impact of the pandemic on seniors housing valuations? Are the challenges in the industry likely to remain and for how long?

Watch as expert panelists tackle these questions and see below for a list of timestamps for some of the topics covered in this one-hour discussion. Click to listen to the panel.

Topics covered:

  • (7:46) Expectations for business/transaction volume over the next 12 months, compared to historical levels
  • (17:50) Typical seller/buyer profile today
  • (29:30) Labor costs/shortages
  • (36:47) Cap rate and projected cash flow
  • (42:00) Mitigating risks and uncertainties


  • JP LoMonaco, Valuation & Information Group (moderator)
  • Clint Malin, LTC REIT
  • Jacob Gehl, Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors
  • Rich Lerner, Housing & Healthcare Finance
  • Mark Lamb, CareTrust REIT

Webinar sponsor: Valuation & Information Group: A recognized leader in valuation and financial consulting, servicing clients nationally.

Listen to hear what panelists think about valuations in the seniors housing industry in general as well as solutions to anticipated challenges. Valuation trends in the midst of market uncertainty pose a particular challenge for those industry professionals attempting to see what’s next for seniors housing.

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