Webinar: Conversation Technology As A Game Changer — Increasing Sales Effectiveness in Seniors Housing


In an October 14 Seniors Housing Business webinar titled “Conversation Technology As A Game Changer: Increasing Sales Effectiveness in Seniors Housing,” panelists discussed how technology can allow for marketing automation and improve sales effectiveness in senior living.

Fran Palma, senior vice president of integrated marketing and digital strategies at Covenant Living Communities, explains that automation can allow professionals in the industry to offload some tasks and focus on what’s important: “The most valuable thing you can give your sales folks is more time, especially right now.”

Palma explains that many of the manual tasks done by sales people can be done automatically, but “a lot of those things they still want to continue to do on their own, because they feel like those are really valuable touch points. But at least [with this technology] you have the ability to decide. If you start to become overwhelmed, you can let the system take over a little bit.​”

See a list of some topics covered below:

  • Marketing qualified leads versus sales qualified leads
  • Transcription technology (and its uses conveying protocols and offerings in the midst of COVID-19)
  • Lead conversion ratios
  • Best practices for sharing data with vendors


  • Julie Podewitz, Vitality Living
  • Cindy Longfellow, Juniper Communities
  • Fran Palma, Covenant Living Communities
  • Russ Horowitz, Marchex (moderator)

Webinar sponsor: Marchex is a leading conversational analytics company that connects the voice of the customer to the customer’s business. They deliver AI-driven insights and solutions to help companies find, engage and nurture their most valuable customers across voice and text-based communication channels. Marchex leverages proprietary data and conversational insights to deliver real-time solutions that enable brands to personalize customer interactions.

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