Webinar: The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Automation for Seniors Housing

by Sarah Daniels


The Sept. 28 webinar The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Automation for Seniors Housing focused on how growing occupancy at properties can effectively counter the headwinds the industry is currently facing. Automation can make for smart and effective marketing, but what are the best practices when it comes to streamlining and messaging?

Tune in to learn how repetitive (and often manual) tasks can be overhauled by an overall strategy that automates marketing at a scale that’s both appropriate and human. Learn about particular industry challenges, seniors housing industry trends and how automation can help the senior living sector in particular.

Click here about the following topics and more from our panel of seniors housing experts. Download a copy of the webinar slides here.

  • Automation processes in senior living
    • Rates and quality of lead capture
    • Improving interactions with salespeople
    • Increasing engagement
    • Scaling personalization
    • Resident retention
  • Where should marketers add automation?
    • Best practices for engagement points
    • Timing tips
    • How to ensure positive and personal interactions
    • Leveraging AI


  • Jen Lovely, Conversion Logix (moderator)
  • John Greaves, Next Step Sales Management
  • Allison L. Singler, Edison Equity Residential

Webinar sponsor: Conversion Logix is a marketing and technology company dedicated to generating leads, appointments, and sales for senior living operators. For more information, visit srl.conversionlogix.com.

Click to learn about best practices for seniors housing marketing automation and generally streamlining tactics in this webinar, The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Automation for Seniors Housing. Learn how to implement AI into your overall marketing strategy, but also how to keep your approaches from seeming robotic or impersonal to potential residents and their loved ones. Find out best practices when it comes to taking work off the plates of marketing employees and making sales pitches more successful.

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