Webinar: What Will 2024 Hold for Seniors Housing Investment & Acquisition Activity?

by Sarah Daniels

The Dec. 7 webinar “What Will 2024 Hold for Seniors Housing Investment & Acquisition Activity?” covered where the industry stands now and how experts are preparing to succeed in 2024. Webinar panelists listed factors like interest rates, wages, insurance costs, inflation, margin compression, resident move-ins and bank short sales as market indicators for the health of seniors housing. Learn their outlook and forecasts for what the industry may face in the new year.

The speakers covered transaction activity, cap rate trends, capital availability and pricing, as well as the operations recovery outlook in the seniors housing industry. Learn how property types and models are adapting for change next year and beyond.

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Major topics covered and timestamps:

  • (13:13) What are panelists doing differently due to higher interest rates?
  • (17:48) Labor questions: uncertainty, resolved issues in 2023, concerns in 2024
  • (22:56) Industry margins in the face of rent growth and recovering resident occupancy
  • (26:49) Bid-ask spread and transactions
  • (31:13) Institution investor appetite, capital constraints for banks, debt fund financing
  • (40:33) The roles of government-sponsored entities (GSEs) and HUD
  • (46:45) Population growth and the outlook for new construction and development
  • (52:55) What shifts do you anticipate in the new year?


  • JP LoMonaco, CBRE (moderator)
  • Cheri Doyle, J.G. Petrucci
  • Brian Sunday, AEW
  • James Callister, CareTrust REIT
  • Aron Will, CBRE
  • Ken Assiran, Capital Funding
  • Brooks Blackmon, Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate
  • Justin Dickinson, Evolve Senior Living
  • Courtney Nickels, Artemis Real Estate Partners

Webinar sponsor: This webinar is sponsored by CBRE, a fully integrated platform of dedicated seniors housing investment sales, debt and structured finance, investment banking, and valuation services.

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