Webinar: What’s Ahead For Seniors Housing Staff, Leaders and HR

by Sarah Daniels


The “What’s Ahead For Seniors Housing Staff, Leaders and HR: A Study on 2022 Business Priorities” webinar took place April 14 and was hosted by Seniors Housing Business and sponsored by Paychex. The discussion focused on staff retention and engagement; diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; and resiliency strategies for the industry. In a time of labor shortages, keeping staff happy and well trained has become particularly difficult for senior living communities.

Using Paychex’s recent survey results on workforce challenges, this webinar explores the most challenging aspects of managing staff, the Great Resignation (and its resultant focus on employee well-being), methods for streamlining and recommendations for 2022.

Keeping employees motivated, informed and productive is essential to seniors housing. This brief webinar considers how to help employees while taking into account real-world obstacles and process slowdowns. Click here to watch.


  • Stu Richards, CEO, Bredin
  • Donna Meek, Director, Paychex

The webinar is sponsored by Paychex, a leading provider of integrated human capital management solutions for benefits, payroll, human resources and insurance services.

Listen to hear how senior living communities retain, encourage and train staff via streamlined processes that take into account the actual needs demands of employees (as determined via the Paychex survey and a number of studies).

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