Investors Rethink Memory Care

The long-term prospects are encouraging for this specialty segment, The long-term prospects are encouraging for this specialty segment, but facilities with more care options have recently gained favor. 

Amid Maturing Cycle, Construction Loan Terms Tighten

If a borrower today complains about the growing challenge of securing construction financing for a seniors housing project, the likelihood is that what he really means to say is a non-recourse loan at 75 percent loan-to-cost is no longer available.

Affordability Is Urgent Matter

With today’s seniors housing prices too high for tomorrow’s residents, the industry is searching for answers to ease the burden.

Transaction Volume Tumbles Again

Downward trend that started in late 2016 continued through 2017 as REITs became sellers rather than buyers of seniors housing.

Is It Time to Renovate?

Owners and operators of older skilled nursing facilities face a tough call in a challenging market. 

Navigating Difficult Legal Waters

From risk management to false advertising, law firms specializing in senior care weigh in on the toughest areas for developers, owners and operators.

Nonprofits: Incubators of Innovation

Their experimentation with everything from technology to product mix could have a profound effect on the senior living industry. 

Door Opens for Private Equity

With REITs temporarily sidelined, several funds take center stage in pursuit of high-yielding assets.

Tech Tools Combat Social Isolation

From specialized tablets to flat-panel TVs to smartphones, operators engage residents in new ways while trying to lower caregiving costs.