The Rise of Niche Projects

Developers seize on the opportunity to build communities geared specifically for certain groups of overlooked elders. By Jane Adler Long ignored but no longer forgotten, seniors with diverse backgrounds are getting their own niche communities. A number of new projects

HUD Lean Lenders Reflect on Memorable Year

The government goes on hiatus, deal size grows, and ORIX shows its dominance. By Matt Valley Despite enduring a federal government shutdown for 35 days that temporarily put a crimp in loan processing, the HUD/FHA Section 232 mortgage insurance program

Back from the Brink

Four owners share the steps taken to breathe new life into struggling properties.

All Cashed Up and Nothing to Buy

Private equity funds are flush with capital, but finding quality properties that offer attractive yields is a tall order.

Nonprofits Break New Ground

Mission-driven organizations turn their focus to innovation in healthcare, technology and workforce development.

High-Tech Monitoring Is All the Rage

Push by seniors housing operators to maximize efficiencies, reduce ER visits and engage residents leads to steady flow of innovative products.

Reach for the Sky

As resident demands shift, developers look to urban high-rises to provide a new lifestyle for seniors across the continuum of care.


Low-income seniors experience years-long waiting lists, and the problem is primed to get worse before it gets better.

All Together Now

Intergenerational communities, where old and young mix freely, can be a big draw if carried out intelligently.

The New Crowd

Healthy returns, favorable demographics lead a rush of investors and lenders into the seniors housing space.

Capital Structures In Flux

From revamped RIDEA structures to renegotiated triple-net lease agreements, owners and operators seek to better align financial interests.

No Turning Back to the ‘Old Ways’

Operators increasingly adopt electronic health records to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, but it’s a tough transition. By Eric Taub New technologies that start out as frivolous extravagances often become necessities. In 1885, seven years after Thomas Edison filed his