Patriot Angels Warns of VA Rule Changes

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Veterans Administration has issued new rules and regulations that could dramatically affect the eligibility of veterans, according to Patriot Angels, an organization that seeks to help veterans.

These new changes seek to further prevent the risk of senior financial exploitation by the selling of financial products, such as annuities, for pension purposes. In an attempt to mirror the Medicaid program, there is now a three-year “look back” (the timeframe during which a senior’s assets will be considered to keep people from dumping assets to qualify for Medicaid).

“The good news is that the asset limitation has increased to $123,600 and your house will remain exempt, provided the estate is on equal to or less than two acres,” according to Patriot Angels. This $123,600 threshold will also include income. 

Additionally, there have been changes regarding what can now be considered un-reimbursed medical expense for Aid and Attendance pension purposes. These new changes will play a role in a senior’s current or future opportunity to receive VA funding.