Webinar: Using Technology to Reduce Operational Costs & Enhance Resident Experience

by Sarah Daniels


On Sept. 22, Seniors Housing Business and sponsor ecobee hosted the webinar “Seniors Housing: Using Technology to Reduce Operational Costs & Enhance the Resident Experience.” With the need to reduce energy use and protect employee time (while limiting unnecessary interactions with residents), making technology a part of senior living communities has never been more important. Smart thermostats offer a wide variety of benefits, especially for communities trying to improve their NOI. Thermostat solutions can mean less unplanned contact for staff and more control for residents, as well as energy and time savings for communities.

Leveraging these smart devices to let staff and residents focus on what really matters is the focus of this hour-long webinar. Find out more about seniors housing trends and challenges, plus insight from case studies on how best to implement a technology with surprising implications for resident dignity.

Click here to watch the webinar on demand to find out more about senior living and smart thermostats. A copy of the slides for this informative presentation can be accessed here. These slides include case studies, trends and challenges, as well as a brief overview of important concepts for smart thermostats. You can also reach out to [email protected] for a one-on-one conversation with ecobee.


  • Chris Chuakay, ecobee (moderator)
  • Gineane Haberlin, Connected Living
  • Todd Carling, Fellowship Square-Mesa
  • Rich Kelley, Seniors Housing Business

Founded in 2007, ecobee‘s mission is to improve everyday life while creating a more sustainable world. After launching the world’s first smart thermostat, ecobee has helped customers across North America save more than 17.6 TWh of energy. Today, ecobee continues to innovate with smart home solutions that solve everyday problems for customers with comfort, security, and conservation in mind with products like the ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control, ecobee SmartCamera with voice control, ecobee SmartSensors for doors and windows, Haven Home Monitoring and SmartBuildings solution.

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