Webinar: Effectively Market Seniors Housing Properties During COVID-19

by Sarah Daniels

During this unprecedented time, marketing and sales professionals must continue to connect and engage with prospects, both existing and new. This webinar features panelists discussing what COVID-19 has meant for the seniors housing sector and strategies for effective marketing despite social distancing, shelter-in-place, and quarantine situations.

Learn what alternate lead-generation options are available to continue to work toward 2020 sales and marketing goals. Hear what strategies industry peers are incorporating to manage through this time of uncertainty. Expert panelists weigh in with advice and helpful information about what industry professionals can expect in terms of marketing seniors housing properties through the coronavirus pandemic.

Topics discussed:

  • Engaging with prospects in the absence of tours and events
  • What prospects in seniors housing need to hear from you during this coronavirus pandemic
  • Maintaining and increasing your brand awareness
  • Alternative lead-gen strategies
  • Best calls to action that are not tour- or event-focused

Webinar sponsor: LeadingResponse, which provides lead generation and client acquisition services to the financial, legal, estate planning, elective medical and senior living markets.


  • Barbara Kleger, President, Kleger Associates (Moderator)
  • Jesse Marinko, CEO & Founder, Phoenix Senior Living
  • Lou Maranto, VP of Sales, Discovery Senior Living
  • Valerie Whitman, VP, Senior Living, LeadingResponse

Click here to listen to the full discussion about seniors housing marketing and sales strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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