Webinar — Inside the Resident Room: In-Unit Data Helps Seniors Housing Operators Improve Safety & Increase Profitability

by Sarah Daniels


The Oct. 17 webinar Inside the Resident Room: In-Unit Data Helps Seniors Housing OperatorsImprove Safety & Increase Profitability focused on how resident room data can help seniors housing operators improve patient outcomes and reduce operating costs. During this brief, one-hour discussion, seniors housing industry experts talked about some of the most challenging and important topics facing the world of senior living: staffing crises, ballooning costs, data gathering tactics and increasing resident safety while maintaining their privacy.

Listen in to learn more about senior living technology and its role in fall prevention, communication and data collection, as well as best practices for improving both policies and care for residents with dementia. Learn how the data collected by this type of technology can help staff be more proactive and provide individualized care, helping the community improve overall wellness.

Major topics covered and timestamps:

  • (4:54) Data points on falls, asset classes and costs in senior living communities
  • (9:09) Impact of technology on residents, staff and families
  • (13:51) Resident safety and the staffing crisis
  • (17:37) Promoting technology adoption and avoiding notification fatigue
  • (20:10) Providing support for residents and staff, especially when it comes to falls
  • (23:23) Sales and marketing — sharing capabilities, promoting technology as part of the community, highlighting high-quality care
  • (28:23) Medical malpractice and professional liability insurance considerations — increasing claim costs and technology as a solution to a growing expense
  • (39:32) Evaluations and interventions — proactive evaluations for residents
  • (45:27) Remote monitoring systems and resident privacy


  • Valerie Whitman, EyeWatch LIVE (moderator)
  • Stormy Filler, Gardens of Germantown, a Vitality Living community
  • Susan Coppola, Benessere Health Advisory
  • Dr. Joshua Freitas, CERTUS Institute at CERTUS Senior Living
  • Jesse English, Bowhead Specialty

Webinar sponsor: This webinar is sponsored by EyeWatch LIVE, which offers the only Live Virtual Nurse monitoring system driven by AI+HI that can detect and prevent unwanted activity by notifying the on-duty staff in real time. For more information, visit eyewatchlive.com.

Click to hear how overnight monitoring and resident in-unit data can help reduce falls, improve resident outcomes and keep costs low for seniors housing operators.

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