Webinar: Invigorating the Seniors Housing Workforce

by Sarah Daniels


In a July 22 Seniors Housing Business webinar titled “Invigorating the Seniors Housing Workforce: Strategies to Inspire, Engage, and Retain Talent,” panelists discussed challenges in finding and motivating employees in the senior living industry. Seniors housing communities struggled to find staff prior to COVID-19, but a combination of factors is currently exacerbating the difficulties in communities. These components include competing opportunities, government unemployment programs and safety concerns related to the pandemic.

Lisa Lacy, Discovery Senior Living, explains “We are competing with organizations that we didn’t typically compete with. It’s not the community down the street — it’s fast food, Amazon and things like that. Hospitality and leisure are adding jobs at a much faster pace than any other industry right now…. We’re competing with all that, and it’s challenging, particularly for those in dining and housekeeping right now. That’s a result of some of those hospitality and leisure job growths and companies fighting for small talent pools.”

What can the seniors housing industry do to recruit and retain top employees who work well for their communities? Listen to the full webinar to hear more from industry leaders on how to engage and retain employees in a job seeker’s market. See a list of some topics covered below.

Tune in to hear panelists discuss the following topics and more:

  • Competition with hospitality, leisure, retail
  • Encouraging candidates to show up for interviews/training
  • Dealing with stress and burnout
  • Improving onboarding
  • Maintaining NOI


Gary Pederson, MatrixCare (moderator)

Lisa Lacy, Discovery Senior Living

Julie Podewitz, Vitality Living

Candace Matsuura, Westmont Living

Webinar sponsor: MatrixCare is an industry-leading provider of post-acute EHR software to facility-based care settings and home care/home health and hospice organizations.

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