Webinar: Is the Pandemic a Disruption or Start of a Fundamental Shift? Seniors Housing Market Valuation


In an Oct. 29 Seniors Housing Business webinar titled “Seniors Housing Market Valuation — Is the Pandemic a Disruption or Start of a Fundamental Shift?” panelists discussed where market valuations are headed, occupancy rates, and investor perceptions of the industry.

What creates value, and what is the difference between a short-term disruption and long-term impact as it relates to COVID-19?

See a list of some topics covered below:

  • Managing uncertainty on an organizational level — operator & investor approaches
  • Assessing value in the long term care industry
  • Investment to support existing assets
  • Cap rates
  • Debt & equity — shifts and disruption


  • JP LoMonaco (moderator), Valuation & Information Group
  • Talya Nevo-Hacohen, Sabra Health Care REIT
  • Erik Howard, Real Estate Finance Capital Funding Group
  • Joe Weisenburger, Welltower

Webinar sponsor: Valuation & Information Group was established to provide specialized, expert valuations and services to healthcare facility operators, lenders and  advisors. Healthcare facilities are special-use properties. Retaining a firm that understands the healthcare business is crucial to obtaining the correct valuation. The professionals at Valuation & Information Group are valuation experts who understand the unique aspects of the healthcare business.

Watch to hear what panelists think about the future of valuation in the seniors housing industry.

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