Webinar: Technology & Seniors Housing — How to Achieve Smart, Streamlined & Standardized Business Systems

by Sarah Daniels


The September 6 webinar “Technology & Seniors Housing — How to Achieve Smart, Streamlined &Standardized Business Systems” focused on how operators can optimize technology to meet resident and family expectations while operating as efficiently as possible. See how industry experts are encouraging a more cohesive approach to systems in seniors housing by consolidating their tech stack.

This webinar covers the importance and the components of a strategic technology plan, the impact of resident and family experiences, plus how residents are using engagement technology currently (including announcements, social calendars, maintenance, meal ordering and more).

Click here to listen to this hour-long discussion on best practices for implementing technology well in senior living.

Access the slides for this presentation here.

Timestamps for major topics covered:

  • (3:39) What is technology culture and why is it important?
  • (8:35) Roadmaps for assessing the current state of a seniors housing organization
  • (14:54) Examples of use cases for data collected
  • (20:10) How to improve efficiency/cut costs
  • (32:25) Identifying opportunities for consolidation/improving infrastructure
  • (39:33) Budgeting/best practices for implementation
  • (42:09) Resident systems and resident engagement apps


  • Ryan Galea, Icon (moderator)
  • Amber Bardon, Parasol Alliance
  • Teryn Waldenberg, Immanuel Lutheran Communities
  • Diana Engle, MBK Senior Living

Webinar sponsor: This webinar is sponsored by Icon. Icon is the result of VoiceFriend’s best-in-class communication technology and Caremerge’s leading engagement solutions joining together under a mutual mission — to equip organizations that support seniors with the tools needed to ensure older adults and providers have the best experience possible with technology. It’s Icon’s mission to make the aging experience iconic with the all-in-one communication and engagement software for organizations that support seniors.

Listen to hear how panelists from the seniors housing industry are minimizing costs and increasing engagement by implementing enterprise-wide tech stacks as part of their organizations’ approaches for better ROI. Learn how technology is revealing inefficiencies and allowing for streamlining as part of a holistic approach to improving communities on multiple levels.

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