Furniture Designer Henricksen Spins Off Seniors Housing Specialty Division

MINNEAPOLIS — Henricksen, a Minneapolis based furniture design and procurement company, has full spun off its seniors housing division, which will now be known as Henrik & Co.

The company will offer full-service design and procurement services for senior living and multifamily residential environments. Henrik & Co. collaborates with senior living organizations, real estate developers and architecture firms across the United States to design and deliver communities.

More than 10 years ago, Amy Bursey co-founded Henricksen’s Senior Living Group. Under her leadership, the group became one of Henricksen’s fastest growing business units. The company is seeking to further grow the division by fully establishing it as its own brand, with Bursey as the leader.

“For years, Amy and her team have had a passion for supplying furnishings and solutions for the senior living community in markets across the country. As a result, Henricksen’s Senior Living Group as a business unit has grown significantly,” said Russell Frees, president and CEO of Henricksen. “Henrik & Co. marks an evolution in their success and provides an independent platform for this specialized team to focus on the needs of the senior living and multifamily housing markets.”

The name Henrik, Germanic in origin and meaning “ruler of the home,” speaks to Henrik & Co.’s mission to design home-like settings that encourage wellness, health and happiness.

Bursey is a guest lecturer at the University of Minnesota College of Design and a frequent speaker on senior living environments for LeadingAge and SAGE. In addition to working with organizations, developers and architects, Amy and her team consult with manufacturers on products ranging from furniture to flooring that are developed specifically for the senior market.