Question of the Month: Balancing Care/Lifestyle

How do you balance delivery of care with lifestyle amenities that foster independence?

Empower your staff

By Joseph Jasmon

CEO / Managing Partner

American Healthcare Management Group

By simply placing the residents’ needs first, we encourage and train our caregiving staff to provide more than basic care. They are involved in hosting or participating in lifestyle activities regularly, encouraging residents to remain independent, yet helping them along the way. 

This side-by-side approach benefits both the resident and care staff. Together, this partnership offers our residents the freedom to do what they choose with a comfort level that their care partner will be there if needed. The key is allowing the resident to do what they want, when they want to do it.


Variety is the key

By Sarabeth Hanson

President & CEO

Harbor Retirement Associates

Our future resident is in the fight of their life for independence, yet the adult influencer is solely interested in keeping her parent safe. We have found a way to balance these two competing priorities by offering choices. 

Our residents’ daily choices include where to dine and diverse programming. We use technologies that go unnoticed, but gently offer guidance to assure residents’ safety, and other technologies that keep the mind, body and spirit fulfilled. 

We know that everyone’s journey is unique. Choices foster the independence of the resident by allowing them to choose how their day is filled, while under the attentive eye of trained associates.


Use measurable data

By Richard Hutchinson

CEO & President

Discovery Senior Living

No matter the product setting, care is only one component of lifestyle. While it is an exceptionally important component, it cannot be the sole focus of our model. Our holistic Resident Experiential Lifestyle (REL) model addresses this balance.

The REL model requires that we create lifestyle differentiators for each setting. Those differentiators must be presented in a programmatic form, be measurable and have an iterative plan for refreshment and improvement.

We created this structured lifestyle because we believe the long-term viability of our industry requires we provide our residents the fullest experience possible.


Tailor to individual residents

By Michael Stoller

Managing Partner & CEO

LCB Senior Living

This is an easy balance. We market to both independent and assisted living residents on a lifestyle choice focused on intellectual and cultural stimulation, entertainment and physical wellness. We also offer independence-fostering features such as anytime, restaurant-style dining and free transportation. In addition, we offer the full array of care services including a memory care wing.

Plans are tailored to individual resident needs, then coordinated with the various activities in and outside of the building through our associates and residence leadership. Maybe this sounds too simple, but it is what our associates do every day for our residents.