Webinar: Seniors Housing Valuation: What’s Ahead For 2022?

by Sarah Daniels


Where are seniors housing valuations today and what might 2022 hold for the industry? These were the most pressing topics of the “Seniors Housing Valuation: What’s Ahead for 2022?” webinar, hosted by Seniors Housing Business and sponsored by V&IG.

With alternative sources of capital, a clearer look at what deals may work or not and an expectation of rebounding occupancy and construction starts, seniors housing is starting to garner investor interest across the board. What trends might the coming year bring for industry players?

Part of the appeal of the asset class is stability and the amount of data available. “Seniors housing [can be] pretty easy to understand, particularly if there’s a track record. You can plot it out, look at the past, look at the demographics, look at the market and calculate your best guess as to how long it’s going to take to get to get to a stabilized number. From there you have your asset management plan,” explains Talya Nevo-Hacohen, chief investment officer, Sabra Health Care REIT.

Click to watch the complete webinar and see below for a timestamp guide to the panel’s most important discussions.

Time stamps for topics covered:

  • (4:06) Transaction activity
  • (7:44) How has the pandemic impacted how the market looks at asset classes?
  • (17:29) Cap rates
  • (36:20) Debt and equity
  • (39:35) Valuation impact: occupancy, revenue and expense growth
  • (1:02:03) Cash flow


  • JP LoMonaco, Valuation & Information Group (moderator)
  • Talya Nevo-Hacohen, Sabra Health Care REIT
  • Michelle Kelly, National Health Investors
  • Michael Stoller, LCB Senior Living
  • Ryan Maconachy, Newmark

Webinar sponsor: Valuation & Information Group: A recognized leader in valuation and financial consulting, servicing clients nationally.

Listen to hear what panelists think about occupancy rates and whether investors and owners should buy, sell or hold seniors housing properties.

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